Cities in Asia

Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. There are many cities in Asia spread across more than 50 countries located here. Because of its large size, the diversity of cultures, lifestyles, history, governance systems, countries and cities in Asia are also different. In the East, Asia is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, in the south by the Indian Ocean and in the north by the Arctic Ocean.

Being the largest continent in the world, it has rich natural resources. Some of the natural resources available in cities in Asia include oil, water, fish, forests, rice, copper, silver, iron, wheat etc. All this together with other resources have contributed significantly to the economies of the countries here. Look at the map of Asia to find out the location of natural resources in these cities.

Some cities in Asia which are located in countries like Japan, China and India etc., are the leading names in terms of manufacturing various types of goods. Famous companies from various sectors have established their offices in these cities to expand their business. Cities in Asia also have a large pool of quality workers, which helps companies to reduce production costs by more than half.

Given the breadth of the continent, Asia is divided into five regions. They are Central, East, North, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia. There are 5 countries in Central Asia; 8 in East Asia; 11 in Southeast Asia; 8 in south Asia and around 19 in western Asia.

Among the continents, Asia ranks third in terms of nominal gross domestic product. Some of the biggest economies here are China, Japan, India, Indonesia and South Korea. Leading companies have set up business process outsourcing operations in Asian cities like Singapore, Manila and Bangalore etc.