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Author Topic: Format Ban Appeals - Format  (Read 202 times)

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Ban Appeals - Format
« on: August 03, 2018, 03:18:54 PM »
  • Post an appeal if you think that you were banned for invalid reason Or either you admit your mistake and you are willing to apologize.
  • Any unban appeal for other player will not be accepted, unless the person is affected by the forum ban.

Format Source:-
Code: [Select]
[font=courier][b]Your In-Game nick: [/b][/font]
[font=courier][b]Date you were banned: [/b][/font]
[font=courier][b]Admin that banned you: [/b][/font]
[font=courier][b]Suspected reason mentioned in the ban: [/b][/font]
[font=courier][b]Why should we unban you?: [/b][/font]
[font=courier][b]Any evidence you would like to show us: [/b][/font]
[font=courier][b]Additional Information: [/b][/font]

Format Look:-
Your In-Game nick:
Date you were banned:
Admin that banned you:
Suspected reason mentioned in the ban:
Why should we unban you?:

Any evidence you would like to show us:

Additional Information:
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